May 30, 2016

Our Services

Our commitment is to provide  the best-in-class consultancy to our clients and to grow throughout the global markets. We are now providing Design services in the following technology areas:

  • ASIC/Digital/FPGA Design
  • ASIC IP/SoC Design Verification
  • Gate Level Verification
  • Power Aware Verification
  • Formal Verification
  • Design for Testability (DFT)
  • Physical Design (PD).
  • Lower Power Design (UPF)
  • Static Timing Analysis (STA)
  • Synthesis
  • Post- Silicon Validation

i-Semiedge Solutions is dedicated in providing the best in class consultants to its customer base, both on-site and in house. We strive towards providing innovative and effective solutions in ASIC design and verification of next generation products. i-Semiedge consultants have in-depth knowledge of global best practices in a wide range of engineering functions. We develop and apply design and verification solutions based on industry-specific technologies. In short what we value the most is our customers return on investment, both in terms of time and money, and we focus on achieving it to the best of class.

i-Semiedge genuinely understands the consulting process and how important it is for our clients. We work closely with our clients to make sure that projects are delivered according to their committed targets. Our first step is to understand our clients requirements throughly, and then meticulously locking on to the objectives that need to be achieved. As your professional services supplier, we scale our project teams to follow changing staffing needs of each design during its development. i-Semiedge can organize personnel on-site, or we can work in-house from our offices.